Beyond Organic
At Shiloh Farms, we believe in growing everything organically. However,  "growing organic” is not the only solution to achieve true sustainability. De-emphasizing annual and mono-cropping, along with a re-integration of livestock, are equally necessary to mimic the principles that sustain nature.

This concept is challenging when taking into consideration that the agricultural system is bombarded with chemicals, over-cropping, & a factory farm mentality. This is why much of what we do is education. We strive to work to over come these challenges, and find a solution.

For the consumer, buying organic is definitely a great first solution.  However, the term "organic" has a broad definition, and can include "iffy" practices.


We consider ourselves "beyond organic". We would never compromise quality to make a dollar. We would never offer products that we did not feel met our highest standards.  We would rather lose money than cut corners.

We strive to educate farmer, and consumer alike. We strive to tackle obstacles that we cannot control and show ways to overcome them. 

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