What We Do


Collaborative Projects and Research:


One of the farm’s newest projects is researching the use of blue-green algae (spirulina) for animal feed supplementation, organic fertilizers, as well as using algae to cleanse commercial chemical runoff. We are excited about these projects. 


Other Initiatives:


Another project goal is the establishment of a  research project involved planting mixed species of understory perennials like rhubarb and asparagus, bramble and shrub fruits, vine fruits, fruit trees, and nut trees.  Rows are separated by strips of grass that someday will be grazed by animals. 


We intend for this mixed planting to showcase the benefits of diversified, perennial agricultural systems where both botanical crops and animals are raised together.  


We at Shiloh Farms LLC aim to demonstrate how diversified farms can make efficient use of limited space, reduce risk of crop failure, and encourage biodiversity.  


Stay tuned as we continue to see this space grow and mature.

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